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No matter if or not it's instinctive or irrespective of whether it end result from the pedestrian training of childhood could possibly be Uncertain; it can be, at any amount, less automated compared to the former acts, for a person may possibly by conscious hard work learn to carry out it additional skilfully, and even to suppress it completely.

The earlier tense and -ed participle of learn may be both learned or learnt. However, learnt isn't Employed in American English.

outdated records learn may well indicate obtaining know-how with minimal energy or conscious intention (as simply by being explained to) or it may indicate study and observe. I learned

learn - uncover, learn, or identify with certainty, generally by making an inquiry or other work; "I desire to see no matter if she speaks French"; "See no matter whether it works"; "figure out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the coach leaves on time"

In background we are learning with regards to the Russian revolution → En histoire, nous étudions la révolution russe.

train, prepare - undertake training or instruction in preparing for a selected job, functionality, or job; "She's teaching being a teacher"; "He experienced for a authorized assist"

the supply of the river determine implies effort to locate the info or the truth proceeding from recognition of ignorance or uncertainty. makes an attempt to verify

If you don't attempt to learn what is a lot more important than anything at all to get a Christian," reported his father, finding up, "no matter what can interest you?

strike the textbooks, study - learn by reading textbooks; "He is studying geology in his place"; "I have an Test up coming 7 days; I have to strike the publications now"

It is worth the cost of youthful times and expensive hrs, when you learn just some text of the historic language, which might be elevated out on the trivialness of the road, to get perpetual tips and provocations.

vi (= attain awareness etc) → lernen; I can’t play the piano, but I’m hoping to learn → ich kann nicht Klavier spielen, aber ich hoffe, es zu lernen; he’ll by no means learn!

→ er lernt es nie!; lots of people never learn! → manche lernens nie!; to learn from encounter → aus der Erfahrung or durch Erfahrung lernen

strike the guides, study - learn by reading books; "He is studying geology in his space"; "I have an Examination up coming 7 days; I have to strike the textbooks now"

2. to gain understanding or skill (in). A baby is usually learning; to learn French; She is learning (how) to swim. leer يَتَعَلَّم уча aprender učit se lernen lære μαθαίνω, αποκτώ γνώσεις σε κτ. aprender õppima فراگرفتن oppia apprendre לִלמוֹד सीखना učiti (meg)tanul belajar læra apprendere, imparare 習い覚える …을 배우다 mokytis mācīties belajar lerenlæreuczyć się زده كول په ياد كول aprender a învăţa учить učiť sa učiti se učiti lära sig เรียน öğrenmek 學習 навчитися علم حاصل کرنا học 学习

information that has been acquired by learning. The professor was a person of fantastic learning. geleerdheid مَعْرِفَه، إطِّلاع، ثَقافَه познания erudição vědomosti die Gelehrsamkeit lærdom; viden γνώσεις, μάθησηconocimientos õpetatus یادگیری opittu learn Chinese best 2019 tieto savoirלמידה, לימוד ज्ञान, विद्या učenje tudás pengetahuan lærdómur cultura, sapere, erudizione 学問 학습 mokslas, erudicija mācīšanās; erudīcija, zināšanas pengetahuan kennislærdomwiedza ښوونه،زدكړه erudição cunoştinţe ученость; эрудиция vedomosti znanje učenost lärdom, bildning การเรียน bilgi, bilim, kültür, ilim 學問 вченість, знання حاصل کیا گیا علم việc học; kiến thức 学问

But, while both labour and relaxation are needed, nevertheless the latter is preferable to the primary; and by all signifies we should learn what we should always do when at relaxation: for we should to not use that time at Participate in; for then Enjoy can be the required company of our life.

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